Why I Wore A Marathon Shirt To Work Today – By Dr. Chris Stout

By Chris E. Stout, PsyD

Over a decade ago I wrote my first books on terrorism. Doing that actually started from working with trauma victims. Seems the traumas just kept getting bigger, and sadder, but always as horrific.

I had to stop working with children clinically once my first child was born. The transference as it were was too much for me. Similarly, it became harder and harder to “academically” study the psychology of terrorism without feeling it as well. After working with the WEF post-9/11 and the Club de Madrid by 2005 at the Madrid 11 meetings, I’d really had enough and I left that work behind.

Until Boston.

As a human being and a runner, I find myself so deeply saddened. But I have also seen resilience that gives me pause. Logging into my various social media outlets this morning, I found an outpouring of trending kindness, solace, and prayers. I saw that one thing that I could immediately do was “wear a race-shirt to work” so I did. Perhaps out of solidarity, but mostly out of wanting to show respect and counter the pall cast over something as good as a running event.

I fear that no one henceforth will ever look at a finish line in the same way, I won’t.

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Posted by CJ Newton, MA, Therapists.com Editor on April 16, 2013 at 05:00 AM

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