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Articles on Aging

  • Depression in the Elderly
    Depression in the elderly is a widespread problem that is often not diagnosed and frequently undertreated. While 25 out of every 200 adults over age 65 in the United States suffer from depression, it affects a much higher percentage of people in hospitals and nursing homes. Despite its frequency and seriousness, many older people will not admit to the signs and symptoms of depression for fear that they will be seen as weak or crazy, and because they are unaware that the condition can be treated.
  • The Conversation – Discussing Long Term Care With Parents
    Discussing long term care options with your parents can be daunting, but the earlier you can have the talk the better. If you can have the talk while your parents are healthy, they are less likely to make a hasty decision and more likely to think through all their options. The following tips might help ease the talk.
  • Cognitive Activities for the Elderly
    Cognitive skills are any mental skills that are used in the process of acquiring knowledge and include reasoning, perception, and intuition. Participating in certain mentally stimulating activities later in life, such as reading magazines or crafting, may delay or prevent memory loss, as well as help the elderly reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and forms of dementia. The following are activities that can help seniors stimulate their cognitive skills.
  • Recreational Activities for the Elderly
    Is Mom or Dad getting tired of the same old routine day-in and day-out? Then maybe it’s time to mix things up with some fun activities. The following are ideas to get your elder loved one’s mind moving and blood circulating.

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