Mental Health Journal

Articles and Journals related to mental health and psychology, currently featuring articles on ADHD, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Health and Fitness, and Learning Disabilities.

The Science of Seeking Help: How to Choose a Therapist Part 1
The first in a series of articles on choosing the right therapist, this one written by a female licensed clinical social worker.

Child Abuse: An Overview
A clear look at child abuse and its impact on individuals and on our society.

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Hypnotherapists
Curious about Hypnosis? A Master Hypnotherapist answers your questions.

Domestic Violence: An Overview
Domestic Violence Issues and Resources

Attention Deficit Disorder: What is ADD?
Learn about identifying and treating ADD and ADHD, including special sections for counselors and teachers.

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise
You’ll be surprised to learn what exercise and fitness can do for you!

A Special Education Primer for Parents
An overview of Special Education rules, including advice, common terms, and advocacy tips.

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