Child Abuse: An Overview

Crisis-Lines and Hotlines

Childhelp USA®
National Child Abuse Hotline
24 Hours a Day

Child Abuse National Hotline
1-800-252-2873, 1-800-25ABUSE

National Youth Crisis Hotline
National Youth Development
1-800-HIT-HOME (1-800-448-4663)

National Runaway Switchboard
This hot-line is a referral service for youths in personal crisis.

State-by-State Listings:

AlabamaDept. of Human Resources334 242-9500
Alaska24-hr hotline:800 478-4444
ArizonaPhoenix hotline:800 541-5781
ArkansasDept. of Human Services800 482-5964
CaliforniaDept. of Social Services Office of Child Protective Services916 445-2771
ColoradoDenver County: 24 hr. hotline303 727-3000
ConnecticutReporting 24 hrs:800 842-2599
DelawareReporting 24 hrs in-state:800 292-9582
District of ColumbiaReport child abuse
Report child neglect
202 576-6762
202 727-0995
FloridaAbuse Registry800 962-2873
GeorgiaDept. of Human Resources Child Protective and Placement Services Unit:404 657-3408
HawaiiDept. of Human Services 24hr hotline:808 832-5300
IdahoFor information and referral to regional office:208 334-0808
IllinoisIn-State Parents under stress and Reporting 24 hrs:800 252-2873
IndianaReporting:800 562-2407
IowaIn-state hotline:800 362-2178
KansasReporting 24 hr hotline:800 922-5330
KentuckyLocal Dept. for Social Services or statewide hotline:800 752-6200
Louisiana24 hr hotline:504 925-4571
MaineReporting 24 hrs:800 452-1999
MarylandCounty office of Dept. of Human Resources: Child Protective Services.Click here for Phone Listings
Massachusetts24 hr hotline:800 792-5200
Michigan24 hr. hotline:800 942-4357
MinnesotaCounty office of Dept. of Social Services.Click here for Phone Listings
Mississippi24 hr hotline:800 222-8000
MissouriReporting:800 392-3738
Montana24 hr. hotline:800 332-6100
NebraskaReporting 24 hrs:800 471-5128
Nevada24 hr. hotline:800 992-5757
New YorkReporting 24 hrs:800 342-3720
New Mexico24 hr. hotline:800 432-2075
New Jersey24 hr. hotline:800 792-8610
New HampshireIn-state hotline:800 894-5533
North DakotaReporting: County Social Services or:701 328-4806
North Carolina24 hr. hotline:800 662-7030
OhioDept. of Human Services Child Protective614 466-0995
Oklahoma24 hr. hotline:800 522-3511
OregonDept. of Human Resources Childrens’ Services Division503 945-5651
Pennsylvania24 hr. hotline in-state:800 932-0313
Puerto Rico24 hr. hotline:800 981-8333
Rhode Island24 hr. hotline:800 742-4453
South CarolinaDept. of Social Services Division of Child Protective and Preventive Services803 734-5670
South DakotaChild Protective Services605 773-3227
TennesseeDept. of Human Services Child Protective Services615 313-4746
Texas24 hr. hotline:800 252-5400
Utah24 hr. hotline:800 678-9399
VermontDept. of Social and Rehabilitation Services802 241-2131
Virginia24 hr. in state hotline:800 552-7096
Washington24 hr. hotline:800 562-5624
West Virginia24 hr. hotline:800 352-6513
WisconsinDept. of Health and Social Services608 266-3036
WyomingIn-State Reporting:307 777-7922

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