Child Abuse: An Overview

Effects of Child Abuse on Adults: Childhood Abuse

No one escapes childhood abuse unharmed. “Many abuse survivors are highly competent in their professional and personal lives, compensating for the adverse effects of an abusive childhood until some added stress is introduced, perhaps a physical illness, birth of a child, or the death of a family member.”11 Some children may seem resilient to abuse, some even becoming overachievers 8,11, but eventually the history of abuse catches up with them.

Compared with people without a history of childhood abuse, adults with a history of childhood abuse are more likely to have: A partner with a substance abuse problem; Anxiety disorders; Chronic head, face or pelvic pain; Eating disorders; Musculoskeletal complaints; Depression; Gastrointestinal distress or symptoms; Asthma or other respiratory ailments; Obesity, Eating disorders; Insomnia; Panic; Sexual dysfunction; Substance abuse; Suicidal ideation or behavior; Pseudo-neurologic symptoms (dizziness, etc.); Unintended pregnancy; Self-injury; Abuse their own children.2,3,11,12,15

Child Abuse Introduction   |   Signs of Child Abuse
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Effects of Child Abuse on Children: Abuse General
Effects of Child Abuse on Children: Child Sexual Abuse
Injuries to Children: Physical and Sexual Abuse
Effects of Child Abuse on Adults: Childhood Abuse
Effects of Child Abuse on Adults: Childhood Sexual Abuse
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