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As one visualizes for example, the perfect back swing, all of the muscles needed to make it perfect, every muscle needed to accomplish it moves imperceptibly in the correct way.  With continued practice, these same perfected movements are easily transferred to the golf course, baseball diamond, or in lifting weights to the field or competition.

Athletes from children’s and community or corporate teams to professionals are finding and using hypnosis to improve their performance.  Three of the major factors which make this possible are the ability to improve focus and concentration, to relieve unnecessary stress while leaving sufficient “edge” to perform optimally, and to practice through visualization all of the moves needed to make the desired improvements to perform better.

One can learn how to get into “The Zone” at will with training and the use of Light/Sound technology.

Though most do not want it generally known, many individual athletes and some pro teams have a hypnotherapist with whom they consult regularly or in some cases travel with them to coach them in the use of hypnosis to improve and maintain their performance.

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