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The holidays are a time for family and friends and relaxation.  Unfortunately, many suffer from holiday stress every year at the same time.&nbps; Hypnotherapy can help you to deal with deal with the holidays and get some stress relief through a relaxing process.

Stress is something we all complain about yet a definition of it alludes us.  There innumerable definitions around, but one of the most useful is: “Stress is any change to which you must adjust”.

Most of us think of stressful situations as being negative: illness, death of a friend or loved one, being fired from your job, flunking out of school, divorce and so on.  But situations commonly thought of as positive produce stress as well: moving to a new home, getting a promotion, going away to college, getting married.

Stress comes from external and internal sources.  It may come from the environment, or from the body and/or the thoughts and emotions.

Hypnosis, or rather self-hypnosis, is useful in teaching to reduce the stress. In addition, other techniques such as nutrition, time management, assertiveness training, autogenics, visualization, meditation, breathing, job stress management and biofeedback can be employed.

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