Is BetterHelp Cheaper than Talkspace?

Overall, BetterHelp is cheaper than Talkspace. It all depends on factors like your location and personal circumstances, but if you’re looking for quality online counseling at a lower rate, BetterHelp is your best bet. Learn more about how pricing works between these platforms, and whether BetterHelp will be more affordable for you: TLDR: Pricing varies based on your location, counseling preferences, and other factors. But if you want a chance at a reduced weekly rate, BetterHelp is your best option.

TalkSpace Plans Lack Flexibility.

Talkspace pricing plans vary only by the package of services you select, and whether you pay monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. But at the end of the day, you’re looking at the difference between $48–$65 per week for a basic Plus plan, or $72–$99 per week for an Ultimate plan with all the bells and whistles. Want the lower pricing? Pay for every six months of service up front—if that’s a feasible option for your personal finances, that is.

(That said: as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Talkspace is offering financial assistance for healthcare workers and first responders.)

BetterHelp Monthly Pricing is Tailored To You.

BetterHelp, on the other hand, tailors its pricing structure to your individual needs. BetterHelp’s services are not divided into different tiers, like TalkSpace’s are, so you get all the benefits of unlimited text, audio, and video messaging with your therapist without having to compromise. So, in determining your weekly pricing, BetterHelp keeps your unique circumstances front and center. While $65 per week is a standard rate for many clients, if you’re a student, military veteran, person with disabilities, unemployed, or low-income, you may qualify for a weekly rate of $45. On top of that, BetterHelp also offers a financial aid program; if you apply and are approved, your weekly rate may be even lower.

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